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mPHATic is a Songwriter, Beatmaker, Multi Instrumentalist,  Music and Video Producer working with Artists across the globe to realise their creative vision and bring their songs to life.
mPHATic also creates music for TV and Film.  Completed works are "License Ready" on a *One Stop* basis.
Please find examples of some completed works below.

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Gone Home
Freedom Calling
Freedom Road
Please Don't Tease Me
Don't Wake Me Up Now!!! (Ft. Shaley Scott )
"Living In A Bubble" Composed by mPHATic - Lead Vocals by Shaley Scott
I'll Help You Find Your Way (Feat. MooFish)
Love You Best
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Man in Studio

Music Production

"Serving the Song"

Writing great songs and composing great music is all about speaking from the heart and emotion and linking this creatively to instrumentation.  Producing great music is all about getting the right vibe with the right sounds to enable the audience to relate to and love the song. 
mPHATic specializes in Mixing, Remixing and Mastering. 
All mPHATic business is managed through Soundbetter an online platform that safeguards all parties involved in the song enabling "Work for Hire" or Collaborative works to be produced with a full record of the engagement from start to finished work.

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Woman Working at Mixing Console


Getting the "Vibe" right for your track to make sure it hits

 the spot for your genre, target audience and fanbase. 

DJ MIxing


Give a great Song a fresh new life, with new sounds and instruments,  or new arrangements and structure.

Turn Table


Optimising your Song so it sounds great on any music delivery platform, from Spotify, Tidal, TV , and You Tube, including Film & TV.

Video Production

"Showcasing the Song"

How do you create great video that enhances the message of your song?
Like anything technically demanding its a process, including the process of discovery - about the Artist or Business need and their message...

What's your style your genre your industry area, what do people expect ?

What's your message - how do you want to tell it?

The first thing we need to do, is answer these questions...then we can bring you to the world! the right way! the way you dream of yourself being portrayed!


Home: Services
Art director looking at storyboard


Word Up !!!


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Race V

mPHATic loves what he does and it shows thru his productions! Thanks for always going above and beyond!

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Behind the Music

mPHATic is strongly influenced by people and Artists across the globe, with a diverse appreciation of culture, community and the sounds of emerging Artists and their expression.

The projects he works on with Artists involve working closely with them to fine tune their own unique sound.  An important part of this is to understand the Artists story - where they have been where they are going and what they want their music to say.

Constantly drawn to music and musicians he is inspired by fresh new ideas, technology and music. 

It's all about "serving the song" and understanding the power of music and sound to capture and produce music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum.

He crafts a signature production style that is instantly recognizable positioning the Artist he works with as unique and memorable.

During his musical journey there has been a natural synergy developing with Art works for musical releases and Music Videos to again serve the song and help Artist break through and succeed in their genre.

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Full Concert


Music Is the Story...

mPHATic is an experienced Music and Video Producer. His very first single released in 2014 hit #14 on the New Zealand Charts with an album produced for another Artist hitting number #22 on the Album charts in 2016.  This led to production of another 56 singles during 2016-2018 of which 8 Charted on iTunes at #1 in New Zealand.

mPHATic now produces Music and Video for Artists all over the Globe "serving the song" producing Artwork, Music and Video to help Artists break through to their target audiences. 

mPHATic continues to operate at the bleeding edge of technology using Hybridised Analogue and Digital production equipment to produce high quality productions for Artists from UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand,  Australia and America.

Currently "M" is involved in a number of projects with Artists and Musical Collaborators, producing Music for Film, TV and Advertisements.

If there is a project you need help with reach out here to contact him for collaborations on  or to engage him as a Producer, Mixer, Remixer or Masterer for your Works.  Thanks! 

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Thanks for submitting!

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